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John Wright

John has over 30 years offshore finance, trust, corporate and commercial experience. He is a qualified Advocate in the IOM where he exercised his rights of audience in the High Court in many leading commercial and trust cases. John has also litigated many high profile contract, personal injury, medical  and professional negligence cases. His instructions have come from both Plaintiff and Defendant sides of the fence. John recognises that litigation often did not result in what the client actually wanted being available, as a result he became interested in ADR and mediation.

John’s style is to assist the parties to explore their feelings and options and to help them come to a resolution which leaves both parties happy. He can help parties to realise that success is not necessarily about winning but about achieving what is in their best interests overall.

Professional Experience

John studied law in England. He completed a Higher Degree in Criminology. He qualified as a Manx Advocate in 1982. The Manx legal profession is a fused profession, so John has a life time experience of acting both as solicitor and counsel. He was called as an English Solicitor in 1996 and became a Solicitor in The Republic and the North of Ireland in 2000. John became head of litigation in one of the largest Manx firms before setting up his own practice where he became senior partner.

Latterly John has taken it easy working from home. His ethos is to keep overheads to a minimum and to offer a tailor made service at a very personal level to a limited number of clients. This allows him to charge very cost effective rates and with a high degree of personal service.

In 2013 John incorporated his practice and now delivers all services to clients, including mediation, through John Wright Legal Consultant Limited.

Throughout his career John has been concerned at the limits of law and what it can deliver. He became interested in ADR and qualified as an accredited mediator in 2005.

John enjoys the freedom and flexibility of mediation, observing it can solve almost anything, quickly and leave the parties still on speaking terms. Often law delivers the opposite in court.

It is John’s aim, either as a presenter on behalf of clients or as a mediator to deliver solutions, often innovative, which resolve the questions between the parties.

John Mediates in Dublin, Isle of Man, England and as a niche practice amongst the English speaking population in Catalonia, who may not wish to go through the Spanish Court system.

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