Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Resolution

The right result

John cannot help you by appearing in court in Spain. He has no right of audience. He can however help you find representation and attend with you at your Spanish lawyers and at court to help explain the process.

Not all your disputes will be with Spaniards or Catalans. Some will be with other English speakers.

If you have such a dispute then John can assist by acting as an arbitrator, who hears evidence and who gives a binding decision, a bit like a small claims court for British and Irish expats out in Spain.

In the alternative he can mediate, try and get you to come to an understanding and to resolve your problems.

Either way it can be cheaper than you think. With two parties to a dispute, each paying their half of his time, preparation and a 2 hour morning hearing in an arbitration could be as little as €750 each. No limit. Decision binding. A full day with preparation from €1,000 each. This includes directions on how to set out your case, how to set out a defence and the reading of bundles of documents in advance along with witness statements, to keep proceedings short.

Mediation is much less formal, no pleadings, a small bundle and an opening position statement. A 3 hour, half day, session will cost from €600 each plus hire of rooms and cost of refreshments.

All services are offered through John Wright Legal Consultant Limited.

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