Terms of Payment

Terms of Payment 2013

If John Wright LEGAL CONSULTANT LIMITED terms of business, including any consultancy agreement, apply then interest will be added at 1% per month, from the date of the invoice, if not paid within fourteen days after the date on the fee note, until paid. Otherwise and under the provisions of the Advocates Act 1995 Interest Regulations 2000 interest will be added at 8% per annum from thirty days after the date on the fee note.

I specifically draw your attention to the following provisions:-

1. The provisions of the Advocates Act 1995 and the Regulations made under that Act and in particular:-

(a) The Advocates Agreement and Fees Details Regulations 2000.

(b) The High Court Costs Rules 2000 and 2002 (as amended) or the Rules of the High Court 2009.

(c) The Advocates (Law Society Assessment of Fees) Regulations 2000.

(d) The Rules of The High Court 2009 and in particular part 11.

2. I cannot sue you to recover my fees if you ask for the fee note to be assessed. You may have my advice note assessed in one of two ways:-

(a) By the Chief Registrar in respect of litigation cases only; or

(b) By an Assessor appointed by the Isle of Man Law Society (in all cases).

3. If you are not happy with my fees, which will have been calculated in accordance with the terms of business agreement between us (including any Consultancy Agreement) or if there is no such agreement in accordance with the Costs Rules, please write to me and ask for an explanatory leaflet. I will be happy to explain to you the procedure and to draw up, if appropriate, a draft bill of assessment. I am entitled to charge for this.

4. Please note that there is a 10% charge imposed by either the Registry or the Law Society for assessing fees. If the fees are not reduced by a significant amount, that 10% fee will be payable by you.

5. Even if you are dissatisfied and seek assessment you must pay my fees in full. I will repay any amount overpaid with interest if you are successful in having my fees reduced on assessment.

6. Methods of Payments.

(a) Cash or cheque at or by post to my office

(b) By bank transfer

From inside UK

Isle of Man Bank
East Region, Athol Street
Isle of Man

From outside UK

NatWest Bank

For onward credit to:
Isle of Man Bank
East Region, Athol Street
Isle of Man

Sort Code: 55-91-00
Beneficiary: John Wright Legal Consultant
Account Number : 12591165
IBAN GB 30 NWBK 55 91 00 12591165

NB Please ensure you pay all charges, quote your bill reference and pay in sterling


“My” or “I” or “me” refers to the Limited Liability Company John Wright Legal Consultant Limited incorporated in the Isle of Man with number 009519V and not to John Wright Advocate as an individual and to any staff employed by John Wright Legal Consultant NB. Whilst I still maintain a practising certificate as a solicitor for England and Wales I only accept instructions as an Isle of Man Advocate and member of the Manx Bar unless I have specifically agreed to act as an English Solicitor in writing and the case demands that I act in that capacity. Without my written agreement in my terms of engagement letter signed by both me and the client I will not be deemed to be acting as an English solicitor just by virtue of the fact that I advise on English law, or in relation to an English case or matter. FURTHER we have specifically agreed that in respect of all matters where I am acting as a manx Advocate and have not agreed in writing that I am acting as an English Solicitor we will submit all disputes or complaints about how I have performed my professional duties toward you to the Isle of Man Law Society and the Advocates Disciplinary Tribunal and not to the SRA or legal Ombudsman

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